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The Deployment Zone’s Black Spiral Campaign - Chapter 3: Excommunication

The Deployment Zone’s Black Spiral Campaign
Chapter 3: Excommunication

Hello everyone and welcome to Chapter 3 of the Black Spiral Campaign.  I would like to thank everyone for the 54 submissions we received which has triggered this plot development.  Enjoy and the next set of missions will be release December 1st!

Servitor Program – Ios V872.113 Alpha.
[Inquisitorial Conclave Concordance – Calixian Conclave]
[[Pictograph Recording Engaged]]
[[-=ERROR! – Pictograph malfunction=-]]
[[Rerouting feed]]
[[Vox-recorder engaged for Pictograph Recorder XV-3]]
[[Maintenance Servitor Dispatched]]

[Unknown speaker] - …hard to believe that an Inquisitor of Hexx’s esteem and dedication would turn not only radical but rogue as well?  Are we certain that the artifact that Hexx is pursuing is the same one the Eldar witch warned the council about?  How do we know that the Eldar aren’t trying to trick us into preventing one of our own from obtaining archaenotech of great power and use to the Imperium?
[[Voice Recognition Searching]]
[[Inquisitor Alexius Morgenson – Ordo Hereticus: Identified]]

[Unknown speaker] – Look, we took a great risk sending DeOrc to intercept the artifacts and look what it earned us.  We have one Inquisitor severely wounded and unable to continue for now and another Inquisitor that has gone beyond the threshold of radicalism into madness and who possesses part of an artifact of dire consequence.  So choosing now to cast doubt over the information we have already acted upon is neither helpful nor useful.
[[Voice Recognition Searching]]
[[Inquisitor Ilyana Vort – Ordo Malleus: Identified]]

[Inquisitor Alexius Morgenson] – You dare talk down to me in this forum?  I never discounted our information only the source.  And if I recall, it was your idea to have DeOrc intercept the artifact rather than have him accompany Hexx like the others had suggested.

[Unknown speaker] – We can sit here all day and point fingers but the situation is that we have a rogue Inquisitor and now have no way to rationalize with him or even find him for that matter.  So I pose the question, do we declare him Excommunicate Traitorus and mobilize our forces in the Charon system to destroy him and his ship or do we send a party to hunt him down and bring him back so that we may question him and learn more of the artifact he is currently hunting?
[[Voice Recognition Searching]]
[[Inquisitor Gerin Osvalt – Ordo Malleus: Identified]]

[Inquisitor Ilyana Vort] – Are either of those solutions even viable at this point?  He may have been last seen in the Charon system but we have no way to find him currently, especially if he has gone to ground or is hunting another artifact.

[Unknown speaker] – We may have a way to locate him but I do not know if it is something this conclave may be willing to entertain.
[[Voice Recognition Searching]]
[[Inquisitor Dregor Thane- Ordo Xenos]]

[Inquisitor Gerin Osvalt] – What would that be Thane? 

[Inquisitor Dregor Thane] – Emissaries from Craftworld Thelandira were the first to warn us of this danger, would it not make sense that the meddling Eldar would continue to monitor Hexx?  Perhaps if we petitioned them for aid in locating the rogue inqui…

[Inquisitor Morgenson] – Have you gone insane?  Consort with a bunch of degenerate witches to get aid dealing with one of our own?  Where is your pride Inquisitor? Where is your loyalty to the Imperium?  We need not the aid of Xenos filth.

[Inquisitor Dregor Thane] – Aid from Xenos filth that without it we would have not known that one of our own has possibly gone rogue and seeks to assemble a doomsday weapon that could possibly open a rift to the Immaterium and draw half the known galaxy into it?  Yes, we definitely don’t need any aid.  We have this situation entirely in control.

[Inquisitor Gerin Osvalt] – Gentlemen, gentlemen, when we fight against each other we only help our enemies.  Perhaps what Thane says is true, it would make sense that the Eldar would keep tabs on something they perceive as a threat to them.  Let us take a vote, all in favor of sending an emissary to collect information on Hexx to the Eldar say “Aye”.

[Several Unknown voices]
[[-=ERROR! Unable to identify speaker=-]]

[Inquisitor Gerin Osvalt] – All opposed say “Aye”.

[Several Unknown voices] [[-=ERROR! Unable to identify speaker=-]]

[Inquisitor Gerin Osvalt] – It appears your recommendation wins Thane.  Please arrange a meeting with the Eldar emissary and broker an information exchange.  Should they try any of their witchcraft or trickery, then execute them with extreme prejudice.

[Inquisitor Alexius Morgenson] – And what if Inquisitor Hexx hasn’t gone rogue and is actually operating within the guidance and scope of the Inquisition?  What if he hasn’t turned into a traitor?

[Inquisitor Gerin Osvalt] – Then that will depend entirely on two things Morgenson.

[Inquisitor Alexius Morgenson] – And what would those two be?
[Inquisitor Gerin Osvalt] – First if he convinces me during his interrogation that he has not acted outside the will of the Emperor and the High Lords of Terra. 

[Inquisitor Alexius Morgenson] – And the second?

[Inquisitor Gerin Osvalt] – The second is if Inquisitor DeOrc survives his injuries.  Conclave adjourned.

[Several Unknown voices] – For the Good of the Order!
Servitor Program – Ios V872.113 Alpha.
[Inquisitorial Conclave Concordance – Calixian Conclave]
[[Pictograph Recording Terminated]]

Inquisitor Hexx:
Access Inquisitorial Log: Hexx 6-14-638.882 Sigma Centari
Passcode: Epsilon Delta 8 3 2 Phi 9 2 4 Gamma

Servitor Program:
[Initiate Retinal Scan]
[Welcome Inquisitor]
Inquisitor Hexx:
Inquisitorial Journal Entry for Leviticus Hexx of Ordo Maleus
Imperial Date is the 29th day of the 3rd Lunar Cycle of the Maccabes system, in the year M41.639

I know not whom to trust.

Treachery hath reared its ugly head, taking the form of my former friend and ally Menoch DeOrc.  How badly had the deceitful whispers of the Ruinous Powers poisoned his mind to make him utter such venomous falsehoods and heresy.  He stole from me, lied to me and tried to kill me all the while professing his innocence and asking for my cooperation.  His delusions were so ingrained; I fear he is lost to us.  His platitudes of working for a higher power, of acting under orders, begging me to relent on my search were all poisonous lies the moment they left his lips. 

It is obvious now that the Ruinous Powers fear me getting this weapon.  They know that I mean to bring about their extinction.  This morning my security clearance and inquisitorial permissions had been pulled which can mean only one thing, I am being hunted.  It is apparent that the Ruinous Powers have turned the very institution that I have sworn my live, my fealty and my honor to ruin against me.  I can no longer trust the Inquisition to carry out its mission, especially when its Inquisitors follow false leaders and puppets of Chaos. 

I must remain pure of heart and mind in this mission, I must steel my resolve and protect humanity against the rising darkness

I now possess part of this Black Spiral weapon, I will find the rest of it and carry out my mission.  It is only then will my former colleagues see the truth and the High Lords of Terra see that I am trying to save the Imperium.

The tome that Tobias translated referenced the 8th planet in the Maccabes system, Cyrana IV so I will travel there to see if I can gather any clues to the whereabouts of where the next piece has been hidden.

Inquisitor Leviticus Hexx signing off.
I am the Sword of the Emperor now.


[[Pictrecorder on the bridge of The Silent Retribution, Dauntless-Class Light Cruiser]]
[Imperial Date is the 29th day of the 3rd Lunar Cycle of the Maccabes system, in the year M41.639]
Inquisitor Leviticus Hexx – Captain Orrealus, we need to set a course for Cyrana IV in the Maccabes system.

Captain Jonah Orrealus – Good morning Inquisitor Hexx, we received an encrypted communication this morning inquiring to your whereabouts.  I fear your warning was merited.  Someone is trying to decipher your location within the Royal Navy but fear not sir, they did not provide the passcode you provided to authorize the dissemination of your location. 

Inquisitor Leviticus Hexx – Very good Captain, your dedication to the Imperium is unwavering as is your loyalty to the Inquisition. I commend you sir.  How long will it take to reach our destination do you think?

Captain Jonah Orrealus – Should take no longer than 2 months dependent upon Warp currents and storms.  What are we looking for sir?  Will we need additional armaments or crew?

Inquisitor Leviticus Hexx – No good Captain, your current set up is more than adequate to handle anything we are going to encounter. 

Captain Jonah Orrealus – Very well Inquisitor, we shall depart within the hour.  Maxwell, set a course to the Maccabes system.

Lt. Aaron Maxwell – At once sir. 
[End Recording]

[[Pictrecorder on the bridge of The Silent Retribution, Dauntless-Class Light Cruiser]]
[Imperial Date is the 2nd day of the 10th Lunar Cycle of the Maccabes system, in the year M41.639]

Inquisitor Leviticus Hexx – Yes Captain? Your communique said that there are Xenos ships preventing our passage?

Captain Jonah Orrealus – Yes Inquisitor, upon breaking the Warp Gate we picked up numerous Xenos ship signatures in the system.  As we approached Cyrana IV, the signatures converged before us.  We have managed to identify 1 Dragon-Class Cruiser that bears the markings of the Thelandira craftword according to our Xenos records.  There are also 2 Nightshade-Class Destroyers that bear different markings that we have not yet been able to identify as well as a Hellebore-Class Frigate hiding as well.  While we have the firepower to handle them, I do not anticipate that our ship would be in any condition afterwards to handle a second attack. 

Lt. Aaron Maxwell – Sir, we are receiving a transmission from the Dragon-class Cruiser.  Do you wish to receive it?

Captain Jonah Orrealus – Absolutely not, we do not engage in conversa…

Inquisitor Leviticus Hexx – Yes, Lieutenant we shall receive the transmission.

Captain Jonah Orrealus – Are you sure Inquisitor?

Inquisitor Leviticus Hexx – Oh yes Captain, very sure indeed.

Captain Jonah Orrealus - Very well, on screen.

Inquisitor Leviticus Hexx – Greetings, I am Marcus Thandros and to whom do we have the pleasure of addressing?

Farseer Gilleath I am known as Farseer Gilleath of the Thelandira Craftworld and I do believe that you have already been dishonest with us … Inquisitor Leviticus Hexx.

Inquisitor Leviticus Hexx – I should have known better than to try to deceive a witch.  What is it that you want Eldar? 

Farseer Gilleath – We merely wish you to turn back and leave this planet alone.  The inhabitants of Velesh’an’theronar prefer to keep to themselves and would care not for any intrusion on their lands.

Inquisitor Leviticus Hexx – I do not, nor does this ship or its captain take orders from a bunch of witches.

Farseer Gilleath – We do not seek to order you Inquisitor, we merely wish that you would forsake your current mission and abandon searching for what we have hidden long ago.  You know not of what you seek or the dire consequences of what would happen if it was found again.

Inquisitor Leviticus Hexx – AH HA! You know of the Black Spiral!  You know that I seek it!  Which means you know where it is hidden! 

Farseer Gilleath – We do know you seek the Black Spiral, the runes and portents warn of a Harbinger of Calamity bearing the a cross of secrecy.  All the skeins cast point towards you as the catalyst that spells doom for many. 

Inquisitor Leviticus Hexx – I care not for your witchcraft or prophesy; it is obvious that you and your ilk do not wish the Imperium to provide salvation!  Your attempt to stop me from stepping foot on this planet tells me that it has something I need! 

Farseer Gilleath – Don’t be a foolish monkeigh!  You can not fathom the destruction your actions will bring about!  You must st..

Lt. Aaron Maxwell – Transmission ended sir.

Inquisitor Leviticus Hexx – Very good Lieutenant, his incessant prattling and whining were most tiring.  Captain would you be so kind as to have a landing party assembled, I will send one of my Acolytes to lead the mission on the surface.

Lt. Aaron Maxwell – Sir, enemy ships have begun to spread out into what appears to be an attack formation.

Captain Jonah Orrealus – Very well, Sergeant go and assemble a strike force to aid the Inquisitor’s Acolyte.  Battle stations!  Engage the frigate first and neutralize the Destroyers as soon as you can.  Launch the fighters to provide support for the Landers.  Go!

Mission Scenario A – Landing Party
The Armies:
A point value of any size may be per side in this scenario.  Recommended size however is 1500-2000.

The Battlefield:
Landing Party will use the Dawn of War deployment.

Before deploying their forces, players should first roll for their Warlord Traits.  Once the Warlord Traits have been determined, the players will roll off to determine who is The Attacker and The Defender.  Both players will then roll off and the winner will choose which side they want to deploy in. 

Place the Primary Objective:
The Defender will choose a single Primary objective and place it within their deployment zone.
The Defender will then deploy their forces followed by the Attacker afterwards.

First Turn:
The Attacker goes first unless the Defender spots them coming and can Seize the Initiative.

Game Length:
This mission uses variable game length as described on page 122 of the BRB.

The Mission:
The Attacker
Primary Mission: Claim and Possess the Primary Objective at the end of the game with a Scoring unit.
Secondary Mission: Purge the Alien
The Defender
Primary Mission: Purge the Alien
Secondary Mission: Claim and Possess the Primary Objective at the end of the game with a Scoring unit.

Victory Conditions:
Each Mission has its own Victory conditions.

Should the player meet the Victory Conditions for their Primary Mission, then that player receives 5 Battle Points.  Should that player also reach the Victory Conditions for their Secondary Mission, then they receive 3 Battle Points.

The secondary objectives of Purge the Alien are worth 1 Battle Point each (Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Linebreaker).

The player with the most Battle Points or BP’s at the end is the winner of the scenario.
Mission Scenario B – Leviathans Battle  - Battlefleet Gothic Scenario

This scenario is intended to be used by players using the Battlefleet Gothic rules set and armies.  This mission is to represent the space battle between the Imperial and Eldar forces in the Maccabes system.

Scenario:  Leviatans Battle – Custom Battlefleet Gothic Scenario.

Forces: The recommended point level for this scenario is 300 to 1750 pts.

Battle Zone:  This battle is taking place in the system’s primary or inner biosphere.  Set up a planet in the middle of the table.  The planet’s size is dependent upon the size of the battle.
Small = Up to 500 pts
Medium = Up to 1500 pts.
Large = 1500 pts or larger.
Generate rings, moons, etc.. as normal.  Then determine which table edge is sunward and place other celestial phenomena as normal.
Set Up:
As the start of the game, the players roll off with the winner of the roll off being the Attacker.  The defender may then choose D3 ships or squadrons to be on full alert.  These ships may be set up anywhere that is at least 30cm from table edge.  The rest of the defending fleet is still on standby.  Squadrons on standby must be deployed with at least one ship within 15cm of the planet and all ships abeam of the planet’s surface.
The Attacker moves on to the table edge of their choice in their first turn.

First Turn:
The attacker gets first turn.

Special Rules:
Ships or squadrons on standby may not move, fire weapons or launch ordinance.  They may however attempt to Brace and repair critical damage.  Turrets and shields work normally.  To go on alert status, it must first pass a Leadership test.  Note that this is not a Command check, so failing with one squadron or ship will not prevent you from testing the others.  A ship or squadron may not use special orders the same turn it goes on alert status.

Game Length:
The game lasts until one fleet disengages or is destroyed.

Victory Conditions:
Both fleets score victory points as normal and the fleet with the highest victory points total at the end of the battle wins.


Please email the results to and I will compile the results before I release the final mission pack.  Please don’t hesitate to email me with questions you may have about any of the  above missions.

Thank you for playing and I look forward to your involvement!