Sunday, October 27, 2013

Enter De Bellis Antiquitatis

My gaming club has decided to take a brief departure form our standard Warhammer Fantasy gaming circuit and devote time to playing a different war game.  De Bellis Antiquitatis.  Historical Wargaming.

Our friend Tom has decided to run a map campaign where the seven of us shall be waging war across ancient Europe in hopes of conquering the ancient world.

I vowed I would never play DBA because I hated the scale however, after watching the first night's games I folded on this vow like a prom queen's virginity.

I went online to and reviewed various 15mm or 1/70th scale miniature manufacturers.  I decided that Zvezda Miniatures out of Russia had the best choices available and I liked the detail they had in their models.

Since Jeremy was playing Bretons, I had originally decided to play Scots-Irish ( II/54) but since they were very similar to what Jeremy plays I chose to go with a different option...

Enter the Vikings!
I have chosen to play the Vikings from period III/40b.
My DBA army will consist of 11 blades and 1 unit of bowmen.
I purchased 2 boxes from Zvezda miniatures (who's Viking box comes with 41 models fyi - but I wanted enough axe wielding Vikings to full 11 blades worth) for under 30 bucks.

You may expect some WIP of my newest army project probably within the next few weeks.