Friday, September 6, 2013

The Deployment Zone's - Black Spiral Campaign: Prelude - Part III

The Deployment Zone's - Black Spiral Campaign: Prelude - Part III

Inquisitor Hexx:
Access Inquisitorial Log: Hexx 6-14-638.882 Sigma Centari
Passcode: Epsilon Delta 8 3 2 Phi 9 2 4 Gamma

Servitor Program:
[Initiate Retinal Scan]
[Welcome Inquisitor]

Inquisitor Hexx:
Inquisitorial Journal Entry for Leviticus Hexx of Ordo Maleus
Imperial Date is the 14th day of the 6th Lunar Cycle of the Charon system, in the year M41.638
Tobias has finally translated the entire text.  It has taken him almost two years but he has finally discovered what the witches were doing on that planet.  The Eldar had developed a weapon they called “The Black Spiral”.  This weapon was capable of destroying planets with a single shot but the Eldar only used it once according to these records.  They said the weapon’s power came at “too great a cost”. 
Tobias says that the Eldar, fearful of the power they could have unleashed upon the galaxy, dismantled the Black Spiral after its first foray into space.  The Eldar then spirited away the parts of this Black Spiral and hid them across the cosmos, never to be reunited for fear of the death that would follow this weapon’s reawakening.  Tobias states that this book contains a reference to where one of the pieces may reside.  I have decided to dispatch our forces to the edge of the Charon system to investigate a possible lead.
My Interrogator Vallon cautions me that I am devoting too many resources to this search and he is concerned that we are chasing ghosts as he put it.  What Vallon does not realize is that mankind is losing a war against the Ruinous Powers.  Mankind needs such a weapon with the constant attacks by Xenos and Chaos.  What is too great a cost when it means that mankind can survive? 

What right does this race of degenerate witches have to determine what is too great a cost in the war against chaos?  What do they know of sacrifice?  If we could fire this weapon into the Eye of Terror, it could wipe out chaos entirely.  Does Vallon not realize that this could turn the tide against the Ruinous Powers?

And what is too much to sacrifice to reach this goal?  What is the life of one person or the lives of ten, twenty, one hundred?  Are a thousand too many? Or maybe even ten thousand, maybe a million…a billion.  When does it stop for us, when is it “too great a sacrifice”.  I won’t have some pointy eared witch telling me what is too much.  Not when the fate of the universe and the struggle against Chaos hangs in the balance.  No sacrifice is too great.  The Imperium of Mankind must survive… at any cost.

 I must find this weapon.

Inquisitor Leviticus Hexx signing off.
The Emperor Protects.