Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Deployment Zone's - Black Spiral Campaign: Prelude - Part II

The Deployment Zone's - Black Spiral Campaign: Prelude - Part II

Inquisitor Hexx:
Access Inquisitorial Log: Hexx 11-07-637.882 Sigma Centari
Passcode: Epsilon Delta 8 3 2 Phi 9 2 4 Gamma

 Servitor Program:
[Initiate Retinal Scan]
[Welcome Inquisitor]
Inquisitor Hexx:
Inquisitorial Journal Entry for Leviticus Hexx of Ordo Maleus
Imperial Date is the 7th day of the 11th Lunar Cycle of the Charon system, in the year M41.637

It has been fourteen months since I have been sent to the Charon system and no major trace of the Great Enemy has been uncovered.  As my previous journal entries state, numerous minor heretical cells have been discovered, purified and purged in His Name but nothing on the scale of a major uprising or matter of concern.  We will continue to be vigilant nonetheless.

Tobias has continued to translate the xenos text and his discoveries have yielded something most interesting.  The script and dialect that the eldar used in this journal is ancient even according to their race and according to the pages, the Eldar were at war with an unknown adversary that we have yet to determine.  The report states that there are numerous mentions of something called “the Black Spiral” but he is unable to determine exactly who or what that pertains to.  One thing Tobias is certain of though is that something major happened here that resulted in the planet being abandoned by the Eldar.

This will require more investigation perhaps…

Inquisitor Leviticus Hexx signing off.
The Emperor Protects.