Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Riders of Twilight, Host of the Storm Warder - Army Showcase

I have finally managed to finish the Bretonnians and so I present to you the finished 2800 point army that I will be bringing with me to OFCC Fantasy 2013.

Full Army Pictures:

Full Army Close Ups:

Individual Units:

The Trebuchet's - Breachmaker and Old Faithful

Lord Grayson Maddox, Lady Ravenna and Sir Gareth Dragonsbane

The Knights of the White Hart and the Order of the Wyrm

The Lady's Aegis

The Storm Riders

The Oath of Galisteel, Reliquae of Sir Bautch

The Deer Hunters and Lady Ravenna's Bowmen

The Sylvan Flame and Sir Lloric the Sylvan Knight

And there we have the full 2800 points of my Bretonnian army.  The actual list is located here.

Thanks and have fun!

Now on to Dark Eldar!