Monday, April 8, 2013

Building on Break part 4 - Running out of stuff to build!

So I apparently assemble things ridiculously fast when I've got 1.5 hours to do just that.  I managed to assemble pretty much all of my models I brought with me to work. So the following Tuesday I decided to start work on my Dark Eldar army that I will be playing at OFCC 40k 2013 this August.

Here is what I accomplished Monday:

Retribution of Scyrah:
Dawnguard Destor Thane
Fane Knight Skeryth Issyen

Circle Orboros:
6 Wolves of Orboros - seriously wtf Privateer making their damn spears that spindly and fragile, not to mention a bitch to try to pin back together when they break.
Wolves of Orboros Pack leader and Standard
Kaya the Moonhunter and Laris

Malifaux  wtf?
Lady Justice
3 Death Marshals (wtf Wyrd and your tiny ass metal models too come on..)
Miss Terious
Santana Ortega

Warhammer Fantasy:

Miscellaneous Fantasy:
Cool Mini or Not - Limited Edition Great Eagle with Female Rider

That following Tuesday however began a new chapter in the blog...

Enter the first unit of ...The Crimson Sigil.

I built 10 Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors with a single Splinter Cannon.
This assembly process actually took longer than all the metal models listed above to accomplish.  Not to mention I also had to cast my bases prior to assemble to mount them upon.

Lastly,  the previous Saturday I got a game of Warmachine in with my buddy Eric.  We played a 35 pt battle with my Retribution vs his Tharn Circle. It was awesome, I only took one or two pics but here is our playing board.

More hobby updates shall arise soon.