Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Operation #Steakbet - The approaching the end. - Grail Reliquae

In addition to getting a ton of building of non-Bretonnian models built in the past week, I have had 2 hours a night to work on my Grail Reliquae and finish it up.

I dropped the Questing Knights from my list a few weeks ago after their less than appreciable performance in a few games and replaced it with a full Grail Reliquae.  I think this is the best looking unit in my entire army and I wish I had taken the time to paint the rest of the army like this rather than blow through it to accomplish the #steakbet.

Here is the Oath of Galisteel, Reliquae of Sir Bautch.

Once I have finished painting the last unit which is my Grail Knights, I will take the time to properly build a movement tray for this unit and consider this army DONE!

Til next time!