Monday, July 16, 2012

Knights of the Realm - WIP - Delving into the mind of madness

So, I've decided that I will paint each knight one at a time.  It allows me to do a better job and really customize each knight.

So here's the first Knight of the Realm I completed  step by step.

 I first laid out the entire unit (minus metal BSB model which I'm using for KoTR standard bearers).

I also assembled the metal Bretonnian Battle Standard Bearer model to serve as the regular unit Standard Bearer for the following reasons:
1. The kit comes with 8 Knights not 9 

2. I really liked the model and wanted to use it.
3. Cause it is bad ass.  Do I really need to justify that reason? 
I had to use a brass rod to serve as the standard bearer's pole and pin that and his arm to the model's body.  I would like to point out it took relatively no time with the Dremel Stylus.

 As you can see here I began the annoying task of making sure the horses ranked up appropriately.  You would be amazed how poorly they do.

I next assembled all the models and made sure it all fit before making any final decisions.

Here is the first Knight of the Realm all primerered with Grey Primer.  I chose Grey to not only differentiate from the Black primer but to also improve my painting skills and experiment with the colour pallet a bit.

As you can see here I took the model and gave it a nice wash with Badab Black (Nuln Oil) and made sure that I got the wash into the recesses.

 After the wash I first used the Leadbelcher base paint to paint on the metallic armor and rivets.  This went surprisingly fast.

 The next step is to paint all the leather and dark skin with Rhinox Hide base.
 I then used multiple thin coats to get the Ceramite white to actually show without leaving splotches.

 The next stop on this color train is the Mephiston Red base that as you can tell looked very, very good.  Definitely one of my favorite colors.
 Next I chose the Averlund Sunset base paint and painted the lance, his pants and the borders with the yellow paint.

After the red I chose to highlight the metal armor that was about to be partially covered up.  I chose the Necron Compound dry paint and I have to say, the new Dry paints are pretty amazing.
After a bit of cleaning up I then freehanded a blade and declared the Knight complete (for now).
Hopefully this will provide someone with a bit of insight into the chaotic maelstrom that is my head.  1 Knight of the Realm to go, only 43 Knights and Heroes to go!

Have a great weekend!