Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bretonnians - Knights of the Realm WIP and Updated Summer Project Log

So I've started painting the Bretonnians and I have to say I'm not 100% pleased with the first unit of Knights of the Realm.  I didn't have a concrete paint scheme down and as a result I think that I may have some issues when I get to the horses.  That said however, they are coming along pretty well and they may actually look good when I'm done!

I'm also 95% done with my Bretonnian Paladin on a Pegasus.  I just have to do some minor highlights, make the words on his blade glow blue and we're good to go.  

I decided to just order a variety of magnetic bases from Shogun Miniatures and use the standard GW bases for this army.  I don't want to be in a position where I am delayed in painting an army because I'm waiting on resin bases to arrive.
Anyway here are the WIP shots:

Next up is the updated summer/fall Project Log:

1. Assemble and paint the Bretonnians (only like 2600 or so points left after this unit is done...)

2. Assemble and paint 2000 points of Dark Eldar.  I have decided to go with Dark Eldar for the following reasons: 
a. The Eldar codex is in need of updating and I really would like to make some major changes to the army and I do not want to go to all that trouble (translated: Spend a shit ton of money getting jetbikes) to update the army when they might be getting new plastics.
b. The Eldar army I wish to run uses Forge World models and I need the update to be published before I can start ordering/compiling.
c.  The Dark Eldar have an updated and new codex and their playstyle fits mine very well.
d.  I haven't decided what exactly I wish to have in a 2000 point Eldar list just yet =).

3. Assemble and paint 1000 points of Space Wolves using the Bran Redmaw's Company  as the theme.

4. Assemble and paint 500-1000 points of the Carcharodons with Tyberos the Red Wake as HQ.

5. Assemble and paint 500-1000 points of the Minotaurs chapter with Lord Asterion Moloc and Chaplain Ivanus Enkomi in the list.

6. Paint the Black Templar Command Squad and write up an updated 6th edition army list for the Black Templars.

7.  Paint the remaining 15 points of Retribution of Scyrah to get the army to 50 pts.
8.  Assemble and paint 50 points of Circle Orboros.

9.  Finish assembling and painting the Fantasy terrain in my closet so I can fully utilize the garage for some serious GARAGEHAMMER!

Anyway that's the plan... let's see how much I get done before Winter!