Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Post 101 - The Company of the Damned – Year in Review 2011

The Company of the Damned – Year in Review 2011

Since I apparently forgot to make a big deal about 100 posts… here is 101!

This was a pretty busy year for the blog and the hobby in general. I managed to not only get 69 games of Warhammer Fantasy in but also managed to really get involved in the local gaming community. While I had less posts on the blog in 2011 than I did in 2010, I feel that the content improved by a good deal. The blog’s traffic definitely improved going from a few hundred views a month to well over 10,000 on average in 2011. I owe that to properly networking and maintaining amiable relationships with other bloggers of the same genre. I still haven’t reached my goal of getting 100 followers but maybe as 2012 progresses we’ll see a pick up in traffic and popularity.

The blog originally started out as a little podium where I could post pictures of my army to share with friends that did not live close by and to also provide some battle reports to them as well. As I began to get more and more comfortable with my blog, I began to post tactics and reviews as well as army lists and reflections of the game. In 2012 I plan to increase the amount of posting on this blog as well as battle reports and tactica for the armies I play. I have found that people enjoy reading about how army X performed against army Y and also seeing how units that they do not normally see on the board doing well.

Top Ten Things Accomplished in 2011 for Company of the Damned:

1. The Wood Elves were not only completely redone and new units added but the entire force was assembled, played and painted up to 3500 points.

2. The Beastmen army was finally pegged down and the army list created. I also managed to build the army but have not yet painted it up to 2800 points.

3. Managed to network appropriately and get on the blogroll of some rather high traffic websites and blogs and have increased traffic and exposure.

4. Managed to start a podcast with friends that has done well here and we have expanded our listening area across the nation.

5. Included Twitter as part of the blog which has been very beneficial and has provided no end of entertainment from other gamers on there.

6. Participated in several tournaments (with Wood Elves), placing in the top 3 in most of them – including Ard Boyz.

7. Participated in the OFCC for the first time and had an absolute blast to the extent that next event will be legendary.

8. Collected, assembled and painted a 35 point Retribution of Scyrah army as well as got a few games in for Warmachine.

9. Collected and partially assembled a 50 point Circle Orboros army.

10. Made new friends in the Ordo Fanaticus and other gaming circles and have expanded my gaming “pond” so to say by leaps and bounds.

This past year has been a wonderful experience for both the hobby and my enjoyment of the game. With the addition of The Deployment Zone podcast and the networking with several good folks back east and here in Portland, I feel I have begun to hopefully impact the community in a positive way. As far as new contacts and associations, I have not only made a lot of new friends in the Ordo Fanaticus, but also in the podcasting community. I think 2011 was an exceptional year for the hobby!

Ten Goals for 2012 and The Company of the Damned.

1. Complete and paint the Beastmen army up to 2800 points (before June).

2. Get the blog up to 100 followers.

3. Attempt to crest 20,000 views a month.

4. Network more with the podcasting community and hopefully get bloggers and podcasters more involved with not only the blog but the podcast. I would really like to get the guys from Garagehammer, Ohiohammer, Pointhammered and some of the other bloggers like Rhellion of Rhellion’s Tabletop to open a line of communication with the Portland group about the differences in the metagame in their region and ours. Based on several conversations so far, the difference is substantial!

5. Participate in at least 1 tournament a month.

6. Assemble, Paint and Play the Circle Orboros army (and the Circle models in my Wood Elf army don’t count!)

7. Publish tactica on how to deal with all the Warhammer Fantasy armies and also continue to firmly establish the Wood Elves as a viable army in 8th edition.

8. When 6th edition Warhammer 40k comes out, update my Black Templars and more importantly my Eldar for the new edition. This includes new models and perhaps army themes.

9. More product and book reviews on the blog.

10. In addition to providing more battle reports using Battle Chronicler, obtain a video camera and start providing Youtube videos of games in addition to the blog and podcast battle reports.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who reads the blog regularly and feel free to comment more! Have a good 2012!