Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Black Sheep Brawl - Tournament Results!

This weekend I had the pleasure of competing in the first annual Black Sheep Brawl at Borderlands Games in Salem, OR.  Chris Bailey and Paul Wilworth of the Order of the Black Sheep gaming club organized and ran this 2400 point Warhammer Fantasy tournament.  The event was filled to capacity with 32 players and had a fairly diverse assembly of armies.  The Brawl was a three round tournament that used the standard basic rule book scenarios with a few modifications.  My cohosts from The Deployment Zone Podcast and I as well as a large number of the Ordo Fanaticus gaming club were in attendance at the event.  We will be putting out a special 6.5 episode which covers the Brawl.

I chose to bring my Wood Elves since there was going to be a painting portion in the overall judging and also because it's my favorite army.  As I mentioned earlier, there was a fairly diverse group of armies that showed up to the event and oddly enough there were seven dwarf armies present (ungh).  I believe every army was present with the exception of Beastmen and Dark Elves.  The tournament was  roaring success and the energy and attitude was both very, very good.  Everyone at the event had a good time and Chris managed to garner a rather large amount of prize support for the event.  There were several prizes and awards given out at the end of the tournament and I personally look forward to the next Brawl.
My list for the Black Sheep Brawl:
Highborn, extra hand weapon, Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins, Scout Kindred
10 Waywatchers
14 Glade Guard w/ Standard Bearer and Musician, Banner of Eternal Flame
14 Glade Guard w/ Standard Bearer and Musician
10 Dryads w/ Branch Nymph
6 Wild Riderds w/ full command
6 Treekin
1 Great Eagle
1 Great Eagle
Level 4 Spellweaver, Rageth's Blades, Rhymer's Harp, Lore of Life
Noble, BSB, Asendyl's Bane, Dragon Helm, Light Armor, Hail of Doom Arrow
18 Eternal Guard w/ full command

My first opponent was Tim (TJP on the Ordo forums) and his Warriors of Chaos army.
His army was composed of the following:
Level 4 Sorcerer Lord - Nurgle
Level 2 Sorcerer
20 Marauders, full command
18 Warriors w/ Mark of Khorne and Extra hand weapons
18 Warriors w/ Mark of Tzeentch and Halberds and a BSB Hero
2 x5 Marauder Horsemen
3 Trolls
5 Warhounds

The first scenario was the Battle of the Pass that had an additional scenario rule that the Donkey Keg Cart worth 500 vps at the end of the game if you have possession of it at the end of the game.  The deployment for the Warriors of Chaos was primarily centralized near the center.  I think Tim's strategy was to control the center and surround the cart.  I deployed heavily to in the center so that I could easily swing to the right and own the flank.  Tim got first turn and at first the game was swinging his way until the bottom of round 2 when he lost both units of Marauder Horsemen, his Warhounds, and his Level 4 on the disc.  Over the course of 4 more rounds Tim had everything except his Warshrine and his Battle Standard Bearer slain and I scored a victory with 2532 vps to 713.  Tim was a great opponent who also pointed out a rule that I had been incorrectly playing which was that flying units may charge over others.  That adds a whole new level of annoyance to my strategies!

The second game I played against John and his Warriors of Chaos.  He had a substantially different list than Tim and this game was played on the second table.  John had the following units in his army:
1 Level 4 Sorcerer Lord on a Disc
1 Level 2 Sorcerer Lord on a Disc
30 Warriors of Chaos with halberds, Blasted Standard and Mark of Tzeentch
30 Chosen of Chaos with halberds, Banner of Rage and Mark of Tzeentch
1 BSB Exalted Hero
2 Warshrines

The second scenario was the first battle mission - Battle Line with all terrain being mysterious.  A river bisected the table and successfully split the board.  John deployed his Chosen on one side of the table and his 2 sorcerers, warshrines and his Warriors on the other.  I set up almost my entire army in the center and left side of my deployment zone.  My goal was to avoid his Chosen and pick apart his army and deal with the Chosen last.  The double war shrine was pretty tough since he was able to augment his Chosen twice a turn and give them some serious punch.  In the first turn I managed to slay his General on the disc then I Dwellers Below'd his unit of Warriors reducing them by 17.  The Chaos Sorcerer on a disc and Warshrine paniced and ran through the unit of Chaos Warriors causing them to flee.  The next turn my Great Eagles ran off 2 units off the board while the Chosen continued to march toward their targets - my archers.  In the end I managed to destroy everything in his army except the Chosen who I fed a unit of Glade Guard and 2 Eagles and my Wild Riders to keep them from running through the army.  I ended up scoring a victory with 1600 vps to 713.  Thank you for the fun game John!

The third game was played on the second table again and this time instead of Warriors of Chaos I got to fight John's brother Chad and his Chaos Dwarves.  This was a seriously fun game and I got to see just how strong the new Chaos Dwarf army was.  The scenario was the Blood and Glory mission with the addition of three to four smoke elementals that provided cover modifiers to shooting and when charging or fleeing you rolled an additional dice and discarded the highest if you charged through it.  The smoke elementals drifted 1d6 per turn.
Chad decided to bring the following:
Level 3 Sorcerer Prophet on Bale Taurus
2 Level 2 Daemonsmiths
2 Dreadquake Mortars
12 Infernal Guard w/ Fireglaives
30 Internal Guard w/ Great Weapons
Castellan BSB
8 Bull Centaurs

Once again I did not get first turn and got to see first hand how powerful the Dreadquake Mortars are as they shelled and caused my Treekin, Glade Guard and Waywatchers to stay put for the first turn.  The Dreadquake Mortar causing all of my affected units to take Dangerous Terrain tests whenever I moved is crippling to the Wood Elf army since mobility and movement is one of their strengths.  On my turn I managed to charge his Bull Centaurs in the flank with my Wild Riders and hit his General on the Taurus with my Eternal Guard.  My Spellweaver Dwellered half of his Infernal Guard with the BSB in it reducing them by 13 models, and I caused his Bull Centaurs and General to flee combat costing Chad one of his standards.  Turn 2 reduced my Treekin down to three models and he managed to reduce one of my Glade Guard units by 4.  The bottom of turn 2 resulted in the General being charged, challenged and caught as he fled combat which provided me with a 720 to 0 victory over the Chaos Dwarves.

The tournament results were listed here.  I went 3-0 through the entire tournament and ended up winning Best Overall and was crowned Grand Champion of the Black Sheep Brawl 2012!
This was the Trophy I received:

The results:
Overall: John Kersey - Lord of Awesome
Brush Master: Moses Jones
Exalted General: Maurice Maynard
Most Excellent Opponent: Ellie

I would like to thank Chris and Paul and all the others for running an excellent tournament and I had an absolute blast.  I am also pleased that the Wood Elves made a killer showing and winning the entire tournament was an excellent way to start the new year!

The next day my Alabama Crimson Tide won the National Championship over LSU!  ROLL TIDE!!!