Friday, January 6, 2012

Beastmen Minotaur and BSB Banners WIP

Here's a super quick WIP update for the Beastmen Minotaurs and Gorebull BSB banners I'll be using.  I decided to mess around with some freehanding and made 3 banners.

I've also included the step by step painting I did of the Dark Elf Sorceress a.k.a. Wood Elf Spellweaver =) I did the other night as well.

I think I may go with the two that are currently using a black background but we'll see.
Here are the WIP's.
If you folks like a particular banner please leave a comment (that may sway my decision on which two to use in the army).

Next up we have the step by step painting of the Spellweaver, I wanted to get done with her quickly and I also wanted to try out a new painting technique that I'm not completely sold on.  Essentially you water down all your paints to almost a wash and then quickly place 10-12 super thin coats and which dry within a few seconds.  It's supposed to create an even coating system that reduces brush strokes but I'm not completely sold.  Some paints get very, very transparent almost when you water them down too much.

Anyway, enough gabbing:

As you can see she has been primed black and then I used scorched brown  on her areas of bare flesh.

The scorched brown watered down becomes a wash way to fast so you must be very, very careful how much you water it down if you are going to use this technique.  I do not forsee repeating the use of it in the future but I will attempt to paint a few more models with it just in case I get better with it.

I used Elf flesh next to cover the areas of flesh.
This took almost 20 layers/coats to get to the point where it wasn't a super light brown with splotches of the yellowish pink.

Here I did two things, I painted her eyes with Icy blue, I used Dwarf Bronze on the metal items she was wearing (headband,belt, staff head, bra) then I washed the flesh with Ogryn flesh to get that ruddy suntanned skin I like to use on all my elf models.

Here I forgot to take pictures and so I combined three stages into one.
1. I painted her dress? Goblin Green.
2. I painted her leggings/belt/staff with Snakebite Leather and washed it with Devlin Mud.
3. I painted her hair Golden Yellow, highlighted the hair strands with a very thin layer of Mithril Silver then I washed the hair with Gryphonne Sepia and then drybrushed the Golden Yellow on top of that once it dried.  Her hair now shimmers in the light.

I then painted/flocked and magnetized her base.

Speaking of bases and for that matter Movement Trays....

Here are the trays I got from Base X of War that I placed a metal sheet into and then primed black and painted.  They are marvelous and I can't decide if I want to use the Skull movement trays for the Beastmen yet or not.  We shall see!

Lastly, here is the picture of my next project after my Beastmen are done...
sheesh =(  All the trouble we go to in order to play games in our garage!