Saturday, April 9, 2011

April 6th - Game 4 of The Great Hunt vs. The Green Tide

Last Wednesday Neil and I decided to continue the ongoing series of Orcs vs. Wood Elves we've been playing since 8th edition came out.  The last game Neil absolutely annihilated me in turn 1.  The old Orc Waaaagh and the Waaaagh spell were just well the win.  This was the 4th game in our series and Neil had been up 2-1.  We were both playing the  lists we plan on bringing to OFCC this year and this was one of Neil's first games with the new Orc army book.  Needless to say it was a pretty good game.  I'll narrate as we go.

Oh and so that Neil has a sense of satisfaction from the previous game here is the 1st and only turn from last game.

Anyway, that said let's go on to this last game.

The Great Hunt, War Host of Athel Loren - 2000 point Wood Elf army
The Green Tide - 2000 point Orcs and Goblins army.

The Army Lists:
The Great Hunt, War Host of Athel Loren

The Green Tide
(I do not have the names of Neil's units so we'll just use proxies - the army theme is based off a pirate orc army that represent the seven deadly sins)

The Boss - Level 4 Orc Shaman on Wyvern
The Little Boss - Level 2 Goblin Shaman
4 x 20 Orc Arrer Boyz units.
1 6 man Troll unit
1 3 man Troll unit
2 Spear Chukkas
1 Arachnarok
4 Black Orcs, one in each Arrer Boyz unit.

Mission Type:
Pitched Battle

As you can see we both deployed very well.  This game I set up my army to function as 2 wings.  The melee wing and the ranged wing.  I finished and scored first turn.

Turn 1 Wood Elves
I chose to slink forward and let him come to me instead of moving full tilt forward and open myself to charges like I have in the last 2 games.  The magic phase wasn't that impressive, I managed to get Wild Form off on the Wild Riders. Shooting was pretty good - managed to do 1 wound to the Orc Shaman and 2 Wounds to his Wyvern.  The Glade Guard managed to reduce AB3 unit down to half strength as well.

Orcs Turn 1
The Orcs had a bit of trouble.  Animosity really ran rampant through Neil's army.  He had 3 units just do nothing -  meanwhile his Orc Shaman hit me with Foot of Gork on my Waywatchers causing 3 casualties and he caused one of my Great Eagles to explode with his Spear Chukka.

Wood Elves Turn 2
Turn 2 was a pretty good turn for the Wood Elves.  I was able to move my units into a strong flank and focus fire on his Arachnarok.  Caused more wounds to his AB3 unit and inflicted 2 woulds on his Arachnarok.

Turn 2 Orcs
This turn Neil still had animosity issues but did start the game in earnest.  He charged my Waywatchers with his Troll unit 2 and his General on the wyvern to which the Waywatchers fled 12" causing 2 failed charges.  Oh that was after a stand and shoot against his Trolls where they made all 5 saves ...stupid regen.  Wild Riders and Dryads were engaged in combat while the Arachnarok took 3 more wounds from Stand and Shoot but managed to slam into the Glade Guard nonetheless.

Turn 3 Wood Elves
Wood Elves had a pretty good turn.  The Arachnarok had chewed through the Glade Guard and ended up out of position. The Wild Riders slew the Orcs they were engaged in and charged the General on his Wyvern.  The Treekin charged the other orcs while the Dryads remained locked in combat with the other Trolls.  Waywatchers rallied and the Spellweaver turned into a Great Fire Dragon.  This turn was pretty rough for the Orcs.  General was slain by Wild Riders, Treekin blew through their orcs and the Trolls were held by the Dryads.  The Glade Guard and Spell Weaver inflicted 2 more wounds on the Arachnarok and turn 3 for the Wood Elves ended.  Oh yeah, Miscast with the Spellweaver reducing her to level 2 and making her forget Transformation of Kadon.

Turn 4 Orcs
The death of the general causes the T2 unit of Trolls to flee.  The Treekin killing the other orcs makes the other unit of Trolls flee - even after they had decimated the Dryads. The Wyvern died to the Wild Riders while the Spear Chukka's moved out of charge range for the Treekin. Neil dispelled the Transformation of Kadon.  Bye dragon =(

Turn 5 Wood Elves
The Glade Guard advance along with the Waywatchers and shoot up the remaining Orc units while the Treekin readjust.  I move the lone Wild Rider away from the Spear Chukkas so that Neil won't get 290 points for popping the remaining model.

Turn 5 Orcs

The Goblin shaman rallies while the other two Trolls flee off the board.  The Spear Chukka's pop the remaining Eagle and the Orcs shoot up the Glade Guard unit.

Turn 6 Wood Elves
My final turn - I move the Glade Guard and Waywatchers up and pretty much just advance right into the Chukka's.  Waywatchers pop the Shaman and kill him while the AB3 unit is shot up some more by the Glade Guard.

Orcs turn 6
Here Neil had a good chance to tie up the game. If he had been able to catch and destroy the Glade Guard with the Spellweaver in it, charge and kill the Waywatchers and if I had not rolled a 6 on my Ward Save for the last Wild Rider then it would have been a tie game.  He tried - almost was successful.

Winner: Wood Elves

I had a great time, Neil and I have a pretty good friendly rivalry going and after he tweeks his list to minimize animosity that army may flatten everything it runs into.

Three things I did this game which I did not do in my last 3.
1. Set up for combo charges - didn't get any but that's ok I had the foundation laid.
2. Focus Fire on primary units.
3. Picked my fights and didn't spread out like a moron.

Thanks for reading the battle report.  I'll try to get these out more often and with better accuracy.