Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Eagles assembled and WIP Doombull and Minotaurs.

Hey folks,

Brief update here for the blog.  Went to the game store this morning and assembled my 2 new Great Eagles from and was pleased with how easily the process went.

The Eagles took a little bit of trimming and shaving to fit together and unfortunately John decided to green stuff before properly fitting them together so he had some gap work to do.
They really are awesome models and I'm pleased with the results.
Here are some images.

I figured I should also show some of the WIP on my Beastmen army I've been playing/painting.  I will admit I have been slacking in the painting department for a while.  My new job keeps me busy.  I also experimented with freehanding an image on a banner.  I'm not really pleased with how it turned out but oh well.

Doombull and his Minotaur guard.

I also thought I'd show you how big the eagles are compared to the Doombull.

Lastly here is a close up of the banner, what do you folks think?  Pop it off and paint a minotaur glyph or keep it and drybrush red over it to fade it a little?
Feel free to give your critique, if it looks lame then it looks lame.

There we go - I still have a lot more to do on the minotaurs.  I am pleased with their flesh tones - I painted Tallarn Flesh on top of Beastial brown and then washed with Ogryn flesh three times.

Thanks for reading!