Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Great Hunt, War Host of Athel Loren - v.1.0 - 2800 pt Wood Elf List

Here is the first run at a 2800 pt list I'm going to try out.  This is obviously not optimized but it's incorporating various units I want to try out or keep using.

Lords: 411
Glade Lord – Armor of Fortune, Great Weapon – 186 pts
Spellweaver – Level 4, Asrai Longbow, Lore of Shadow – 225 pts

Heroes: 360
Glade Captain – BSB, Talisman of Endurance – 130 pts
Spellsinger – Level 2, Asrai Longbow, Lore of Beasts – 120 pts
Waystalker – Bow of Loren – 110 pts

Core: 828
Dryads x 10 – 110 pts
Eternal Guard x 19, Full Command, Shields – 258 pts
Glade Guard x 14, Mus. Std Bearer, Hagbane Tips – 230 pts
Glade Guard x 14, Mus. Std Bearer, Hagbane Tips – 230 pts

Special: 656
Tree Kin x 4 – 180 pts
Wild Riders x 7 - Champion, Std. Bearer, Shields – 216 pts
Wildwood Rangers x 20 – Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame – 260 pts

Rare: 545
Great Eagle
Great Eagle
Treeman – Strangleroot – 245
Waywatchers x 10 – 200 pts

Total: 2800

I am eager to see how Lore of Shadows and Lore of Beasts work together for Wood Elves (As I know how well they work together for Beastmen).  I am also eager to see how the Waystalker with the Bow of Loren performs.  I am unsure how a diminished Treekin unit will perform (as I am loathe to replace a unit that was such a reliable hammer in the old list).  I anticipate the Waywatchers will once again prove why they are my favorite unit and I'll see how the close combat version of my general works out.  (Keep in mind for the past 5+ years he's been only armed with Bow of Loren/Arcane Bodkins)

None of the units shall receive a name until they have proven themselves in battle!  Also, I don't want to go through the trouble of creating a wicked awesome backstory only to nuke the unit cause it failed to meet my expectations.

We'll see!