Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Company of the Damned - Year in Review 2013

The Company of the Damned – Year in Review 2013

Last year I published the 2nd “Year in Review” where I rehashed the goals for 2012 and how well I did with meeting them.  Well this year will be no different!  I have a whole bunch of 2013 goals and aspirations that I totally failed to meet and take great joy in talking about them!
Let’s kick this off!

Ten Goals for 2013 and The Company of the Damned
1.       Finish paniting the 2800 point Bretonnian army for OFCC 2013 Fantasy – Success
2.       Purchase, assemble and paint a Wood Elf Blood Bowl Team – Failure
3.       Fully catalogue the Wood Elf army book in the Wood Elf Tactica Library and provide an entry for every current army book under the Preferred Enemies articles – Failure
4.       Assemble and paint the 2000 point Dark Eldar army using the Crimson Sigil army list posted in the blog. – Failure
5.       Assemble and paint the rest of the 50 point Retribution of Scyrah army. – Failure
6.       Assemble and paint the 50 point Circle Orboros army – Failure
7.       Assemble and paint a 35 soul stone Malifaux Lady Justice Crew – Failure
8.       Participate in the OFCC 2013 Fantasy Event – Success
9.       Participate in the OFCC 2013 40k Event– Success
10.   Promote and double the current listener audience for the Deployment Zone podcast – Failure

As you can see I was not the most successful hobbyist as far as reaching my goals for 2013.  Most of these I was partially successful in.

1.       I purchased and assembled the Wood Elf Blood Bowl Team.
2.       I catalogued 2 Wood Elf Tactica and 6 Preferred Enemies articles.
3.       I assembled and painted 1100 points of Dark Eldar.
4.       I assembled 122 points of Retribution of Scyrah.
5.       I assembled 68 points of Circle Orboros.
6.       I assembled 35 soul stones worth of Malifaux.
7.       We increased our listener base by 18% this past calendar year for the Deployment Zone and the blog increased its membership by 21%.

Major Accomplishments of 2013 for the Company of the Damned
1.       I won the Operation #Steakbet and it was glorious.
2.       I managed to build in 2 weeks 70% of my unassembled models.
3.       I ran a successful online 40k Campaign called The Black Spiral and had over 220 submissions.
4.       Built and played with my first De Bellis Antiquitatis army – The Vikings.
5.       Bought my first air brush!

I see now that I didn’t have many Major Accomplishments in the hobby because I realized that fatherhood is time consuming and it’s extremely important to be focused on being a dad first and a hobbyist second.  As my girls grow I find myself having more time to do hobby stuff while they go to sleep which is good, so for 2014 I think I’m going to keep things kind of simple for goals and see where that leads me.

The Company of the Damned goals for 2014!
1.       Assemble and paint 2800 points of Warriors of Chaos.
2.       Update my Wood Elf army when the new book comes out this year.
3.       Update my Black Templars with a few units.
4.       Update my Ulthwe` Eldar with a few units.
5.       Paint 50 points of Retribution of Scyrah.
6.       Paint 50 points of Circle Orboros.
7.       Post at least four articles a month on the blog whether they be hobby updates, tournament/event coverage, unit tactica or random crap.

There we have it folks, the crazy goals for 2014.  I hope this year proves to be more productive than last year but at the same token if it’s not… no big deal.