Monday, January 21, 2013

Operation #steakbet - Success!

So on Friday, January 18th - I completed the #steakbet where I was to have a 2400 point Bretonnian army painted with movement trays (a stipulation that I still call bullshit on fyi but whatever) before the Black Sheep Brawl on Feb. 19th.  I completed the task and shall be enjoying my steak dinner soon.  I ended with 2,436 points painted and still have 2 full units to paint before the Fantasy OFCC in June 2013.  I have already assembled the two units but have vowed not to pick up a paint brush until February at the earliest.

That said, I have actually enjoyed painting this army.  It was daunting at first since I desperately wanted to have a higher quality looking paint job and spent many, many hours working on a new technique.  I am happy to say that I have now finally mastered that technique and I am hopeful that future armies will benefit from it more so than this one did (which still looks pretty damn good fyi).  

Anyway, enough jibber jabbering - you good readers want to see pictures.  Someday, I will actually take time to get a nice camera AND a lighting studio set up.  Perhaps I'll bother my friends about it...

Anyway here is #steakbet!

I'll start off with the Lord on a Hippogryph WIP's then the full army shots!

 Behold the #steakbet completed in all it's glory!

Also, never again am I engaging in such a stupid bet.  Next time I'll just say "Eat a bowl of dicks" and move on.