Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bretonnian Battle Standard Bearer/Green Knight completed - #steakbet

Last night I went from start to finish on my Bretonnian Battle Standard Bearer/Green Knight model in roughly  six hours.  This is the 2nd to last model I needed to complete for the #steakbet to be a success.  I'll post all the pictures I took of this really kick ass model. I'm tempted to buy a few more of this model for future painting.  Anyway, here are the pictures - with my new phone I should be able to do a "once over" when I have finished the army and provide excellent pictures for each unit.

My battle standard bearer:
Sir Lloric the Sylvan Knight, Herald of the Storm Warder

Here is the box it came in which I used as its primary guide for the freehand you see later.

The sprue was well done, I had only one small imperfection I had to put a dab of glue in to fix other than that it was awesome.

Here is the model assembled - note the amount of flash I had to trim off it.

I've basecoated the black skin on the horse with Thalmar Black, the metal sections with leadbelcher and the "gold" parts with Screaming bell.  

I then used Zandri Dust to basecoat the "green" cloth areas.
 I then used Menoth White Highlight followed by Morrow White to bring up the cloth to a nice white with some highlights being designated by the Morrow White.
 I then used watered down and sadly a paint pot on its last legs - Dark Angel Green to do the freehand filigree all over the horse and riders cloth.

I added Goblin Green for the plumes, highlighted the skin and hooves with Greatcoat Grey and painted the shield with Teclis Blue, Deathworld Forest, Waagh Green, and Goblin Green.  Once those were done, I washed the entire model with varying layers of Thraka Green and then painted the Screaming Bell sections with Gehenna Gold.  Really fun model to paint!

Enjoy -