Friday, December 9, 2011

From the Workbench - Ghorgons and Eagle Riders WIP

This week's From the Workbench is going to display the two assembled and converted Wood Elf Nobles/Spellweavers on Great Eagles and a comparison of a 3rd party Ghorgon and the new Games Workshop multi-kit.

The first few images are of what will be used as a Wood Elf Noble on a Great Eagle.  This has been a fairly effective model on the battlefield and I am very pleased I decided to include it in my lists.  I purchased another Eagle from and the Games Workshop Wood Elf Noble with Bow.  I cut away/filed off the tree trunk the Wood Elf leans on then pinned him to the saddle of the eagle.

Next up I assembled and painted the Elf Sorceress on a Giant Owl model from  I have been using her as my Spellweaver on an Eagle in my 3k games but I think I may shift to putting my Spellweaver back in the unit of Eternal Guard and use this model as another Noble with an Always Strikes First "staff".  I've has a lot more success using Eagles and Heroes rather than the lone Spellweaver on her owl.
Here she is painted with and without the flash and also with her buddy the unpainted Noble on an Eagle.

Lastly we come to my dilemma.  I wanted to use a Ghorgon in my list so badly but didn't want to kitbash one.  After months of searching online I found a 3rd party sculpt that I liked and that also looked like the image in the Beastman army book.  Then on Dec. 3rd, Games Workshop releases the new Ghorgon/Cygor plastic kits and I of course pick up 2 because it's plastic crack and I'm an addict.

Now I've got a problem...which one do I use?  Do I use the new GW Ghorgon or do I continue to use my $90 resin Ghorgon?  Do I use one of them as unit filler or attempt to figure out how to use 2 in a 2800 point list?  

I really, really like the new Games Workshop plastic monster so this sucks!  Either way, here are some images of both of them so that folks can see the size and quality comparison.

Lastly, the plastic kit also included a very large menhir stone that I can use in either my Wood Elf army as a nice unit filler or as a Herdstone for my Beastmen army. 

Thanks and feel free to leave comments and/or recommendations on which model to use.