Monday, July 4, 2011

Retribution of Scyrah army built!

This weekend I decided to buckle down and build my 35 point Retribution of Scyrah army in order to get my summer projects started.  Now I really like GW models because they are easy to assemble and generally plastic.  Plastic is easy - you just need glue.  Privateer Press makes amazing looking models.  Privateer Press also makes metal models that come in a million pieces that really require pinning. I suck at pinning.  You can pretty much see where this line of thought is going.  Anyway - several hours of slowly drilling and praying that the 1/32 drill bit in my hands didn't snap off and puncture my thumb resulted in the following:

When I first picked up the Retribution of Scyrah book, the first warcaster that I really liked was Garryth.   Since Garryth seems to emphasis fast and hard hitting skirmish style combat, naturally I took a liking to him.  The army itself is generally themed in the way I like to play.  One big heavy hitter, 1 fast hitter and a lot of "assassin" type models.
Here is the chosen list for my Warmachine army.

35 Pts - Retribution of Scyrah Army - The Blade of Retribution

Garryth, Blade of Retribution
1 Phoenix
1 Griffon
1 Mage Hunter Strike Force (1 leader and 9 grunts)
1 Strike Force Commander
1 Stormfall Archers (1 leader and 4 grunts)
2 Ghost Sniper
2 Mage Hunter Assassin
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution

We'll see how this list plays out.  I may do very well with it or suck spectacularly.  Knowing how I play, I'll probably do ok with it at first then after playing with the same list over and over get it down to a science (or continue to suck either/or).

The next big project I was forced I mean decided to embark on was the cleaning up and organizing of my hobby room by my girlfriend.  She had grown weary of me setting up shop on the kitchen table and pretty much made the comment that "it would be a shame to accidentally mistake all these little army men for old cat toys that need to be thrown away".  Taking my cue - I retreated upstairs and embarked on Operation Hallowed Sanctum.

and 2 hours and 3 garbage bags and 1 filled recycle bin later:

I now have a feasible workspace and my girlfriend lost aggro!

I just finished priming my army today so I'll be posting WIP pics soon.

Project no.2

While rummaging through my myriad boxes and bags, I managed to locate my magnetic 20mm bases.  So I will be priming the rest of the Eternal Guard and then cutting them off their current bases and glueing them to the new magnetic ones as well as making a new movement tray.  Yay!

Project no.3

I managed to also locate the missing Beastmen models I had been searching for three to four weeks ago and now I have the entire army ready to rock at 2500 points.  I just need to make some new movement trays and glue strip magnets under the models I found.  Yay for organization!

Oh yes, one last thing.

Norman says SUP!