Thursday, June 30, 2011

Enter Warmachine and Hordes

Now that OFCC has come and gone, my gaming group has decided to pursue 3 initiatives for gaming.
1. Paint/build/play our Warhammer Fantasy armies at 2500.
2. Play and build up our Warhammer Fantasy armies for Storm of Magic.
3. Build a 35 point Warmachine or Hordes army by the end of October.

I have decided that I will build two armies for Warmachine/Hordes.  I will build/paint/play a 35 point Retribution of Scyrah and a Circle of Orboros army.

You can expect to see several updates in the next few months showing Warmachine/Hordes/Warhammer and also I'm running a Warhammer 40k workshop starting on July 11th as well.

Current Project List for this Summer.
1. Paint/Assemble my Wood Elves to 2500 points.
2. Paint/Assemble my Beastmen to 2500 points.
3. Paint/Assemble 35 points of Retribution of Scryah by October
4. Paint/Assemble 35 points of Circle of Orboros by October.
5. Conduct a 40k workshop at my FLGS to get new players into the game and provide existing players some help.

It'll be fun!