Friday, January 28, 2011

Black Templar Command Squad Assembled.

With the release of the new FAQ update for the Black Templars, I've decided to finally assemble a Command Squad to accompany my Marshal in larger point games.  Also, I've had a Black Templar Upgrade Pack sitting around in my closet for over a year and I felt it was a good time to go ahead and use it.  I still need to assemble a Rhino for the unit but that is low on the priority list at the moment.

Also, I would like to blame the book Helsreach for making the desire to field a Command Squad with the army almost feel as if it was mandatory!  If you have not read this novel I really recommend it.  Aaron Demski-Bowden does an amazing job of portraying the mentality and overall feel for the Black Templar army.  Subtle things like always referring to them as knights or other chapters as "Lesser chapters" really makes you feel that the Black Templars are the greatest chapter of them all.
There is also an passage in the book that sums up the army perfectly  "My tabard, the white of sun-bleached bone, offers a stark contrast to the blacker than black plate beneath.  The heraldic cross stands proud on my chest, where Astartes of lesser Chapters wear the Emperor's aquilla.  We do not wear His symbol.  We are his symbol."

I should have this squad painted probably in the next few months, I've got 2000 points of Beastmen to churn through first =).

So in closing, "For Dorn and the Emperor!"