Thursday, August 22, 2013

Operation Hobby Deconstruction

Operation Deconstruction:

It is common knowledge that over the past oh 9 months since I was graced with my two lovely daughters, that I have had my ability to do anything hobby related (who am I kidding – anything in general) has been severely limited.  Now while I have found that fatherhood is a splendid way to spend ones time, I do still enjoy having “my time” to pursue my hobby and other interests.  You will see many hobby updates and articles posted once August has expired.

Because I was able to go to OFCC this summer (both Fantasy AND 40k) my wife asked me to give my hobby a break until the end of the month (except for podcasting) in order to spend more time with our daughters since I spent most of July trying to hammer out the Dark Eldar for the 40k OFCC.

So in an effort actually be involved in my hobby, I have prioritized my projects moving forward:

1.       The Crimson Sigil – my 2000 point Dark Eldar force will be the first to be completed.  I have only a few units left and some vehicles to finish out this force at 2k.  I enjoyed how it played at OFCC and look forward to seeing the force completed. 

2.       The Company of the Damned – the new Eldar codex has revitalized my love for my 1st 40k army.  While I never actually quit playing them, I did back away from 40k for a while during 5th edition and chose to concentrate more on fantasy.  I will be rebuilding 90% of the army over the next 9 months or so as I replace older units and hobby sins of ages past.  I am really excited to rebuild the Eldar since I am not actually building a 2k list but rather a large force.  I have ordered an Avatar from Forge World and have purchased several vehicles lately to have a diverse and yet fully themed Ulthwe` Strike Force.  I am very excited about this endeavor.

3.       The Eye Aeternum – my 2800 point Warriors of Chaos army has been started.  I have pre-ordered from Mierce Miniatures the Tarvax group of minotaurs.  I will be using those not only to replace my Games Workshop minotaurs in my Beastmen army but also to serve as Chaos Ogres in my Warriors of Chaos army.  The minotaurs from Mierce will require some pretty heavy converting to make them fit my theme but I really look forward to receiving those models.

4.       Retribution of Scyrah and Circle Orboros – I have over 150 points of Warmachine and Hordes still waiting for me to paint and play with them. 

5.       Black Templars – Next month the new Space Marine codex is being released and my Black Templars are being rolled into the new Space Marine codex.  It’s bittersweet since I know they will be unique still as they are no longer making the entire Space Marine group follow the Codex Astares and I’m also getting a new codex for an army of mine.  I just don’t like losing them as their own unique entity.

If Games Workshop continues to release their army books and codices at the rate they are, I may need to add my Wood Elves and Bretonnians to the list as well.  With a new airbrush, and finally prioritizing my projects I should finally be able to make some decent progress on the "list".  I know that a good majority of the blog followers are Fantasy players, but I will be dividing up my posts equally between the two game systems since I enjoy playing both.
One of the challenges that I face is confidence.  I haven't been able to really use my airbrush as much as I would like and as a result I am not anywhere near confident enough with it to use it as a primary painting tool.  I recently bought the Badger Renegade Krome airbrush which is a phenomenal airbrush.  I was able to use it pretty well when basecoating the Warp Hunters for my Eldar army but I need to get to the point where I feel as comfortable with it as I do my paintbrushes.  With practice however makes perfect and so I hope to continue to work towards that goal.
I also will be doing some more Preferred Enemies articles as the new books come out as well as a new line of articles called the Path of Khaine where I'll discuss Eldar units and tactics as well.
Lastly, the Company of the Damned will be hosting the missions for the Deployment Zone's - Black Spiral 40k Campaign.  The Black Spiral will be a 4 month, 4 mission campaign that the first mission will be available on Sept. 1.  This campaign will be like the Tamurkhan campaign where everyone who participates is put into the drawing for the prizes at the end of the campaign.  I encourage everyone to take part and play in the campaign as the results of each mission will yield a new twist to the story line.

Needless to say, there will be a good amount of new articles being posted on this blog dealing with a variety of content once again.  Until then, August will be fairly minimal as I did promise my wife I would behave when it came to the hobby.