Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Crimson Sigil - Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors WIP

Thought I would go ahead and post a quick WIP for the Dark Eldar army I am preparing for the 2013 OFCC 40k event this summer.  I decided to use the Kabal of the Obsidian Rose paint scheme and using Les Bursley's YouTube video I've made some rather nice progress.

I used an airbrush to prime the models white (technically Bryan did since my airbrush is still shipping).
Then I used a 1:1 heavy red/black mix to base coat the model.
I then began painting with Gory Red on the armor edges doing line highlights.

Next I used Bloody Red on top of the Gory Red.

I then used Orange Fire to edge on top of the Bloody Red and as you can see it really make the three levels of red beneath it pop.

Finally I used a 1:1 ratio mix of Bonewhite and Orange Fire to touch up the very edge of the ridges and it did a wonderful job of adding definition.

I've done 30 models so far with the Heavy red/Black, Gory red and Bloody red and I've started painting the 30 remaining Kabalite Warriors with the Orange Fire.

More updates to come!