Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hobby Zone Product Review – Professional Paint Station and Large Paint Stand

Hobby Zone Product Review – Professional Paint Station and Large Paint Stand
I recently saw an article on BoLS about a company named HobbyZone that made “accessories for modelers and hobbyists”.  The article then showed this pretty nice paint station this group had obtained to organize their hobby space.
This company makes hobby and paint accessories out of MDF board that are meant to organize and clean up your hobby space.  This instantly appealed to me since I have been struggling for months to find a worthwhile solution for my desk to organize my paints and hobby materials.  I had been throwing around ideas to design and build my own paint rack and hobby area for months, each time ending up frustrated because the entire solution would require more time and effort to build than I was willing to devote.  Also, I had been very frustrated because I wanted a portable solution to do my hobby.  Being a new father, it is nigh impossible to sneak away upstairs for one or two hours to paint while my wife is downstairs with my twin daughters.  I needed something that would allow me to move my projects up and downstairs without disrupting my entire hobby desk upstairs.  So when I visited their site, I was very excited about what I found.
So let me take a moment to talk about the products I purchased.  I obtained the Professional Paint Station which is their large 60cm wide painting station and the Large Paint Stand.
The Large Paint Stand was a fantastic purchase; it comes in two different holder types.  The dropper bottle sized cut outs and the citadel paint pot sized cut outs.  I purchased the citadel sized which has an 84 bottle capacity (dropper bottle has a larger capacity).  The paint stand is very light weight and comes in several well cut and easy to assemble pieces.  The entire thing took me less than 2 minutes to assemble without touching glue.  I’ve already tested its weight capacity and it will easily hold the 84 paint pots without strain or bending. 
Large Paint Stand:
Cost:  $15.48
Assembly: Very easy
Materials: MDF – well cut
Overall: Very Pleased

The Professional Paint Station is Hobby Zone’s largest portable paint station.  I wanted the largest so that in case it was smaller than my initial measurements had shown, I would not have a paint station that was cramped.  This Professional Paint Station is fantastic.  It holds about 50 pots of paint as well as most of my brushes, knives and files.  It has two cup holders for water or mixing solution.  It has a bright white workspace that will reflect light back further illuminating the work area and it is amazingly lightweight.  The shelves and structure is pretty solid once built, as you can see in one of the pictures however one of the rear corners got a bit munched during shipment but it still turned out well.  The assembly was fairly simple, I ran into an issue when placing the unit onto the bottom workspace slab.  The bottom cut sections did not match up 100% but that may have been due to poor assembly on my part.  Once assembled (with Wood Glue) it is solid and sturdy.  It even has little wings you can attach on the side for when you want a model to dry.  I loaded it up with metal models, paints and few cans of Coke and it did not even so much as bend under the weight. 

Professional Paint Station
Cost: $34.44
Assembly: Easy
Materials: MDF – well cut
Overall: Pleased – I would have been Very Pleased but the bottom section not 100% lining up despite my best efforts disappointed me slightly.

I could not believe how remarkably cheap these organizers were.  I was able to reorganize my entire workstation for 50 bucks which replaced 2 shelving units, 3 boxes and a clumsy array of partial projects that were cluttering my work area.  It is also lightweight enough to where you can paint at your workstation upstairs then grab it by the handles and move it downstairs to paint at the dinner table.

I will be ordering yet another Paint Station from Hobby Zone soon – the Paint Station (40mm) which only has two levels vs. the Professionals 4 levels but it is smaller and is ideal to be taken to places like the game store to work on projects. 

In closing, Hobby Zone has done an excellent job of making an inexpensive, lightweight and quality product for hobbyists.  They are based out of Poland so the only downside to doing business with them is that shipping will cost you.

This hobbyist recommends Hobby Zone to anyone that needs a cheap and affordable organizational solution for their hobby.

Here are some of the initial images of the unassembled product and the assembly process.

As you can see the package it came in was nice and lightweight and both the Paint Station and the Paint Stand came in many pre-cut pieces. 

Munched corner =( 

As you can see here the initial assembly of the Paint Station required some paper tape to keep things together while the Wood Glue dried.  The Paint Stand fitted together nicely and you can see the size and design of it from the various angles.

Finally you have the finished product complete with little wings on the side that are removable. 

That completes my product review on Hobby Zone's Professional Paint Station and Large Paint Stand.