Friday, May 4, 2012

Phase Five Results for The Deployment Zone's - Tamurkhan, Throne of Chaos Campaign

The fifth phase of the Deployment Zone’s – Tamurkhan, Throne of Chaos Campaign has come to a close.
The fifth phase lasted two weeks and during that time there were 59 games reported.  In the fifth phase Tamurkhan is ambushed by a horde of Night Goblins and is almost defeated.  Once Tamurkhan broke the army, they then made their way to Nuln.

The Opposition managed to win this and there were many games played using the special scenario. 

Total Games Reported: 59
Total Opposition Wins/Points Total:  29 - 72 Campaign Points
Total Chaos Horde Wins/Points Total:  23 – 48 Campaign Points
Total Draws: 7
Special Scenario played (Sundered Pass): 15
Narrative Battles:  1
Storm of Magic:  0

Notable Battles during Phase 5:
2800 point Tide of Ruin – The Great Hunt of Athel Loren vs Vampire Counts
The Great Hunt of Athel Loren brought war to the nefarious Vampire Counts.  Vampire Counts fell to Wood Elf supremacy at the bottom of turn 6 (i.e. they lost by 172 VPs).  Was a very good game, Corpse Cart and Terrorgheist were crucial in this game.

3000 point Orcs and Goblins vs. High Elves
A Night Goblin army using the special rules of the scenario took on 3000 points of High Elves.  Throwing 3 Colossal Squigs into the High Elf army was extremely brutal to the pointy eared warriors.  The Night Goblin army won by the top of turn 5.

3500 point Dwarves vs. Orcs and Goblins
There was another attempt with the Orcs and Goblins to use the special scenario list against another army of the Opposition.  This go around however the Dwarf artillery proved to be too powerful for the Night Goblin horde as the line of Organ Guns and Flaming Cannons made short work of not only the squigs but also caused chain panic tests through the entire army.  Dwarfs won this game after six turns.

Phase 5 has resulted in a win for the Opposition!  The Campaign Results will be posted in a few weeks along with the Winners of the raffle!