Thursday, September 15, 2011

Can you keep a secret? Slaanesh can...

This will be a brief update/battle report - next few weeks I'll have some fully detailed reports/posts.

I decided to change things up this week and get a game going with my Beastmen as opposed to battling it out with my Wood Elves (plus I haven't finished painting my Eternal Guard yet and I want to field the entire army painted).


Anyway - I decided to throw Rorg and his bestial herd against the daemonic legions of Slaanesh.  I really wish I had brought my camera with me since Neil managed to bring some of his new Chaos/Storm of Magic terrain. He really had a fantastic looking table, I'll have to make sure I bring it next go around.

Neil is collecting/painting a monotheistic daemon army of Slaanesh.  Now it's funny - here's some background information about me.  I absolutely despise Slaanesh.  I think it stems from the fact that I play Eldar in 40k and the fluff has tainted my perception of the Chaos gods.  That said, I enjoy playing Neil regardless so I readily agreed to take on his army of pink and purple sluts.

I've gone through several permutations of my Beastmen list and will probably go through a few more as we begin to scale up to 3k.  I'm considering using 4 chariots and a Razorgor chariot with a character mounted on it at 3k.  Either way - I'll post up my list later in the week.  I mainly had my standard BSB w/ Beastbanner and 2+ armor save and my doombull and his ASF sword, a l2 beasts brayshaman, few wargors sprinkled about and your standard assortment of Gors, Minotaurs, Chariots, Bestigors and Ghorgons.

Now when you go single daemon god, you tend to only use the models that they "say" belong to that god.  i.e. Khorne = Bloodthrister, Bloodletters, Bloodcrushers, Flesh Hounds,etc...  Neil decided to follow suite and use 4 sets of Daemonettes with several Heralds sprinkled about and a pretty bad ass Keeper of Secrets, he also had some Fiends and the Mounted Slaanesh daemons.  I've spent a few hours going over what I fought last night and I have to say, it was a pretty solid list.  Most of the army having Always Strike First and a ward save makes it pretty hard to take down easily.  I think he'll have issues against armies that have decent range and strong magic but the list is solid enough and has enough bodies to handle just about anything.

The battle went all six turns and ended up with his Keeper of Secrets and his 3 remaining Furies killing off my Tuskgor chariot at the bottom of Turn 6.  This game also reinforced my belief that Bloodgreed really is stupid broken.  My Doombull had 13 attacks and his 4 Minotaurs had 12 each.  If I hadn't sacked out against his Keeper at the bottom of the 5th turn I would have tabled him.

5 models throwing out 61 attacks (48 at Str 5 and 13 at Str6) is broken. Period.  

Thsi game also reinforced that I should really bring more than one caster if I am not going to be strong in the shooting phase.

Game changing effects during our battle:
1.  Wyssan's Wildform making Gors (with Beast banner) S5/T5 is ridiculous.
2.  Phantasmagoria totally wrecked my army.  I failed several critical leadership tests - F U NEIL!
3.  Bloodgreed is the core power behind Beastman's offensive might.
4.  Primal Fury is still so incredibly helpful when you have to deal with high WS opponents.

I totally look forward to repeating this game at 3k points.  I'll do a Battle Chronicler report next go around and include images.