Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ghorgon WIP

In order to properly fill out my Beastman army I decided that I wanted a Ghorgon in the list.  I have had rousing success with the rare selection therefore I decided I needed a model that really fit the description in the book.  After attempting several kit bashes that frankly did not meet my personal standards, I decided to look online and found a perfect model to represent a Ghorgon.  The Miss Painting Group from Hong Kong had this model for sale and I nabbed it.

So without further ado here is another bombardment of pictures showing off the new model.  I included a few minotaurs so you can get an idea of the model's scale.  I really love this model.  The sculptor was brilliant in that I received the item with the following features:
1. No Flash - I had to trim absolutely nothing
2. Very few pieces to fit together - Seriously I had a jaw, two horns and 4 arms to glue on. That was IT.
3. Perfectly fitted pieces - never have I had a resin model fit together so perfectly and this even out does the Ultraforge models I have.  That is impressive.

And picture bombardment - enjoy.  I'll have this bad boy painted up soon as I finish my Minotaurs.