Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Lost Kindred of Athel Loren - a.k.a. Sylvos's "counts as" Treekin

One thing I wanted to ensure my Wood elf army had were Werewolves.  Werewolves? Seriously? Yes.  I wanted an army that lives in an enchanted forest that houses Dryads, Treemen, Forest Spirits, Dragons and Elves to have friggin Werewolves.  I was reading in the Wood Elf army book where it had "rare" selections for the Dogs of War entry.  In there you can find things such as Scarloc's Wood Elves (old, old regiment of renown) and the Lost Kindred.  Since there is no documentation on "The Lost Kindred" that I have been able to locate, I in my brilliant mind, decided to implement Werewolves as the Lost Kindred and make them my Treekin.
I'm rather fond of the paint job I did on these, if I must say it's my best yet.

After completing these "Wolfkin", I started to work on painting the rest of my army.  I started with the Multi-based Wood elf Glade guards that I have.  I was going to prime them black first, then paint brown over everything wooden...but then I thought ...oh hell no.  Brown primer it is!

I'll be drybrushing other browns onto the brown primer but at the moment I am very pleased the brown turned out well.

Now to the second and more long winded part of the blog post.  I've managed to finally collect the necessary models for my Beastman army.  The problem is that the original list I created for 2500 points does not work, not at all.  Especially after you look at how few units were being fielded (6 total).  So...I'm going to post the two lists I have currently and will play them both until I feel that list a. or b. is a better fit for the theme I wanted to get across.

Oh yeah, the theme... that's rather important don't ya think?  When I first decided to look at another army for Warhammer Fantasy, I wanted to play an army completely unlike my Wood Elves.  I always feel that playing a different army helps you play your first one better.  So when I read the Beastman army book I immediately liked the Minotaurs and the Doombull.  Those had to be the centerpiece of the army... Then I decided that I wanted to create an army that was more of a War Herd.  Lots of models, very little ranged and lots of brutal close combat.

I'll list the things I wanted in the army and then the two lists I have currently.

1. Doombull or Gorebull model.  I want to make my own character - Rorg.
2.  Beastlord or Wargor wielding the Steel Claws - Sabretooth.
3. Great Bray Shaman as a melee monster caster.
4. Lots of Gors
5. Minotaurs and Bestigors.
6. Cygor
7. A horde feel to the army but not a huge, clumsy number of units that would get in each others way.

So, with these things in mind I was able to create two lists that match my playstyle and as many of my criteria as possible.

List 1 - Beastlord General List

Lord - Beastlord w/ Steel-Claws, Armor of Destiny, Gnarled Hide - 245
Lord - Great Bray Shaman - Level 4, The Brass Cleaver, Talisman of Preservation - 310
Hero - Wargor - Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Heavy Armor, Sword of Swift Slaying, Dragonhelm, Talisman of Protection - 166
Core - 24 Gor Herd w/ extra hand weapon and full command - 217
Core - 24 Gor Herd w/ extra hand weapon and full command - 217
Core - 30 Ungor Herd w/ spears and full command - 195
Core - Tuskgor chariot - 80
Core - 5 Chaos Hounds - 30
Special - 19 Bestigors w/ full command and Manbane Standard - 293
Special - 6 Minotaurs w/ full command and shields - 404
Special - 6 Harpies - 66
Rare - Cygor - 275
Total - 2498

List 2 - Doombull General List

Lord - Doombull w/ Sword of Swift Slaying, Armor of Destiny, Gnarled Hide, Uncanny Senses - 341
Lord - Great Bray Shaman - Level 3, Mangelder, Talisman of Endurance - 280
Hero - Wargor - Battle Standard Bearer w/ Steel-claws, Talisman of Protection, Heavy Armor - 164
Core - 24 Gor Herd w/ extra hand weapon and full command - 217
Core - 25 Gor Herd w/ extra hand weapon and full command - 225
Core - 30 Ungor w/ spears and full command - 195
Core - 5 Chaos Hounds - 30
Core - 5 Chaos Hounds - 30
Special - 5 Minotaurs w/ full command, shields and terror mask - 370
Special - 20 Bestigors w/ full command and manbane standard - 305
Special - 6 Harpies - 66
Rare - Cygor - 275
Total - 2498

I'm still on the fence as to which list will work out better - I'll just assemble and play a few games.  I have the issue of choosing between a LD9 army that's pretty fast or a LD8 army that's very brutal.   Not to mention I've got like 5 other lists I'm debating on putting into the rotation as well.

We'll see I guess!