Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thoughts on Beastmen for 8th...

As I get more 8th edition games under my belt and my proficiency with my army grows, I am now beginning to look at other types of armies to collect in Warhammer Fantasy.  I am looking specifically at the Beastmen army since they resemble the other aspect of a "Wild Hunt" army.  While my Wood Elves form an elite army of hunters, rangers, forest spirits and slayers; I want to now have an army that encompasses the feral and furious aspect of the forest.  Beastmen it is!

I still have much to do with my Wood Elves - I plan on swapping out my GW treekin and my kit-bashed Treekin for 6 of the Privateer Press werewolf models.  I will call them the "Lost Kindred" and they will be counts as Treekin.  I will also begin modelling some werewolf-ish qualities to my wood elves as well.  Feral huntsmen they shall be!

The Beastman however I want pure unadulterated rage.  I want an army that is raw and beastial and doesn't rely on finesse or expertise.  I want an army that is tough, strong and ready to rampage through the Old World.
Current thoughts on Army Composition:
General - Doombull wielding Terror causing weapon
BSB - using Terror banner or Banner of Rust
Bray-shaman level 2ish with Lore of Beasts or Shadow
30ish Gors w/ hand weapon and full command x2
10 chaos hounds x2
5 minotaurs - doombull goes here
24 bestigors w/ full command and manbane standard

I keep running into issues attempting to flesh out the army in my mind.  I have an idea but building the theme is the hard part.  I'd like to have more of a theme than "Spam minotaurs and terror" - which having 4 units out of 7 that cause terror isn't bad....  I'm considering just making the Beastman army a full out minotaur bloodgreed fest but that means if you kill those two units, it's game over.

Hrm...things to plan, things to plan..